Active Transportation

Active transportation enhances quality of life, attracts business and knowledgeable workers to a community, and contributes to economic development.

Active transportation includes walking and biking, but also in‐line skating, jogging, skateboarding and the use of motorized personal mobility devices such as powered wheelchairs or medical scooters. 

Strategic Plan

By creating a well‐connected, safe and functional Active Transportation Plan, the Town of Lunenburg can encourage a more active, healthy lifestyle.

The Active Transportation Strategic Plan for the Town of Lunenburg provides: 

  1. The planning principles that were applied in the development of the plan;
  2. A plan showing the overall network of routes;
  3. An inventory of existing active transportation infrastructure; and
  4. Opportunities and design guidelines for future active transportation infrastructure and a phasing plan.

Click Here to view the Active Transportation Strategic Plan. Please note that the plan is currently under review and will be updated in late 2020.

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