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Restaurant in LunenburgMore than 180 local businesses make Lunenburg a commercial centre for surrounding communities. State-of-the-art technology with fax machines, computer linkages and cellular phones has enabled entrepreneurs to move from large centres and conduct their business in the quiet, attractive setting of Lunenburg.

The resourcefulness of the people of Lunenburg ensures that a vast array of products and services can be found here. The downtown business district has expanded in recent years, giving the area new trade. Hardware, furniture, appliance, flooring and convenience shops can be found in this area. Four major banks and trust companies, real estate businesses, government representatives and many personal services are offered. Computer sales, training and consulting, printing, photography, property management, car repair and high-tech companies continue to diversify Lunenburg's economy.

street in LunenburgA brisk tourism industry has led to expanded entertainment and accommodation offerings in Lunenburg. Antique shops are in a natural setting in this UNESCO and National Historic District. The many talents of the people of Lunenburg and surrounding area are displayed in the craft stores, art galleries, and specialty shops in Lunenburg. A rare treat for most is the local marine blacksmith's shop and other Marine-Industrial suppliers. The Lunenburg Foundry and local machine shops can prefabricate many products required by business or the consumer. There are a host of small cottage type businesses operated by local people who make products ranging from jewelry and toys to anchors and boats and even handmade soap.

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