Town of Lunenburg Electric Utility


The Town of Lunenburg owns and operates its own electric utility providing residential and commercial services. The Lunenburg Electric Utility distributes electricity in its service district extending to Mason’s Beach and Blue Rocks in the Municipality of the District of Lunenburg and is divided into circuits as shown in the pdf attached Circuit Map (2.11 MB) MORE

Rates, Regulations and Services

View the Town of Lunenburg  pdf Electric Utility Approved Regulations (3.63 MB) and pdf Lunenburg Electric Utility Rates 2021 (249 KB) .

Electricity consumption is billed at the end of each month. Payment is due no later than the 15th of the following month. Unpaid accounts are subject to overdue interest charges and possible disconnection as described in the Regulations.  Payments can be made by pdf pre-authorized payment (111 KB) , cash, debit, cheque, post-dated cheque, telephone/internet banking or payment at most Canadian banks. The Town does not accept credit card payments.   pdf Town of Lunenburg Payment Options (112 KB)

Existing customers seeking to (dis)connect an electric service should contact the Town’s Finance Office at 634-4410 ext. 227. Charges that may apply to these service changes are set out in the above-noted Electric Utility Regulations.

The Electric Utility in association with NSPI also issues wiring permits for and inspects all residential and commercial electrical work in the Town of Lunenburg and surrounding service district.  Effective June 18, 2018 please contact NSPI Wiring Permit Contact Centre at 1-800-464-1520 or 902-464-1520, 7:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m. Monday through Friday for more information about Wiring Permits.

Service Arrangement with Nova Scotia Power (NSPI)

On June 1, 2018, the Town of Lunenburg entered into a service agreement with NSPI for maintenance of the Town’s Electric Utility infrastructure.  The Town will continue to own its Electric Utility and infrastructure, and customers will have continuity in service.  All on-site work will be carried out by NSPI personnel with no change in the cost of electricity as a result of this arrangement.  Customers will receive their regular electricity bills as they always have. Any service requirements such as connection or disconnection, or calling to report outages will continue to be accessed by calling the Lunenburg Town Office (902) 634-4410, ext 227, or our after-hours dispatcher at (902) 527-0150.  

Power Line Safety Information

Always maintain a minimum six-metre (20 feet) clearance from all power lines unless you have a Safe Clearance Report. Working around power lines can be dangerous.

How long is six metres?

6metres pickup

Before you work near power lines:

  • Contact the Town of Lunenburg Electric Utility at 902-634-4410, ext 227 a minimum of two weeks in advance of doing any work near power lines to request a Safe Clearance Report. This may require an insulated wire cover to be installed before you can begin work.  There may be a charge for this depending on the extent of the work required, particularly if primary wires are involved and/or a Power Line Technician is required to stand-by. 
  • Identify potential hazards before you begin.
  • Have a spotter to help you and remember: people on the ground are also in danger of being electrocuted if you come into contact with power lines. 
  • Be aware of power lines at all times, especially when loading or unloading. 
  • Ensure the maximum height of your load, including the knuckle boom, is under the legal height limit.
  • Power lines expand and sag with changes in temperature.  You need to check clearances each time you work near them. 
  • Be aware of overhead utility lines.  You could cut off phone service and cause power poles and lines to topple around you and your co-workers.
  • Ensure the dump box and boom body of the truck is down before you leave the site. 

Learn how to stay safe if you are in a vehicle that has come into contact with power lines. MORE

Efficiency Nova Scotia Corporation

Nova Scotia Power and Town of Lunenburg Electric Utility Update October 18, 2018