Garbage Collection

The Town's Solid Waste Management By-law #38 provides details of how waste is to be stored, sorted and disposed of in the Town of Lunenburg. Waste must be sorted into four streams and placed at or near the curb for collection on your collection day. Two streams (recyclables and paper) are collected one week and the other two streams (organics and other non-reusable waste) are collected the following week. Place recyclables in blue bags, paper in either grocery store or clear bags, organics in the compost cart and other non-reusable waste in clear bags. Waste that is not properly sorted will not be picked up by the Town's collection contractor.

A Garbage Collection Schedule (calendar) is prepared yearly and mailed to Town of Lunenburg residents. If you did not receive a collection schedule, they can be picked up at the Town Hall, 119 Cumberland Street.

A Town map showing the days of the week when solid waste is collected and showing the collection routes can be viewed at the following link Garbage Collection Routes.

Clear Bag Program

Effective June 1st, 2015, all residents and businesses in the Town of Lunenburg will be required to place garbage (non-recyclable waste) in clear bags for curbside collection. Clear bags are available at hardware stores, department stores and grocery stores. We encourage businesses and residents to begin using clear bags for garbage at their earliest convenience and prior to the revised Solid Waste Management By-Law enforcement date of June 1st, 2015.

For privacy reasons each household and/or business will be permitted to use one opaque bag (black or dark green) per collection day. Up to a maximum of six (6) clear bags of garbage may be placed curbside per collection or alternatively up to a maximum of five (5) clear bags of garbage plus one (1) opaque bag for privacy.

Frequently Asked Questions

Compost Carts

Compost carts were supplied to all residents when the recycling program began in the Town of Lunenburg. Compost carts are assigned to the property where they were delivered and must stay on that property. If you recently purchased a property in the Town, please check to ensure the previous owner did not take the compost cart in error. Mini bins were also provided to store and transfer organics from the kitchen to the compost cart. Property owners that require a compost cart or mini bin should contact the Public Works Superintendent at 634-8992 (ext 245). Charges apply for replacement carts and mini bins.

Compost Site

The Town of Lunenburg operates a free municipal compost site on Starr Street. Town of Lunenburg residents only are welcome to dispose of leaves, limbs and garden waste at this site. The site is open from mid-April to mid-November on Saturday mornings from 8:00 am to 12:00 pm (noon).  

Kaizer Meadow Environmental Management Centre

Starting on April 1, 2012 the Town of Lunenburg began disposing residential curbside waste at Kaizer Meadow Environmental Management Centre, 450 Kaizer Meadow Road along Highway 14 in Lunenburg County. Curbside waste properly put out for collection by residents including Household Waste, Blue Bag Recyclables, Paper and Compostable Material, Christmas Trees, Clean-Up Waste, Leaf and Yard Waste will be collected and transported by the Town’s collection contractor G.E.'s All Trucking to Kaizer Meadow.

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