Lunenburg's Heritage

Town staff will assist you to complete your Heritage Certificate of Appropriateness and Heritage Permit applications and guide you through this process.

The Town of Lunenburg Heritage Conservation Plan, By-law and Guidelines provide policy and regulation regarding the appearance of the outside of buildings in the Old Town Lunenburg area. pdf Heritage & Dist Plan And By Law (4.89 MB)  

There are a number of buildings throughout Lunenburg that are also individually designated heritage properties. The outside appearance of these buildings and the yards in which they are located is regulated under the Heritage Property Act. Applications to designate properties which are outside Old Town Lunenburg are encouraged (applications for new designations within Old Town Lunenburg cannot be considered because the entire area is designated by the Heritage Conservation Plan and By-law).

Any work on the outside of a building (other than maintenance and painting) in Old Town Lunenburg requires a Heritage Certificate of Appropriateness.

A Heritage Permit may also be required for any change in the exterior of individually designated Municipal Heritage Property buildings or any change to "hard landscaping" within the yards of these buildings. A report regarding any application is prepared by staff and considered by the Heritage Advisory Committee which then makes a recommendation to Council.

Heritage Conservation Bylaw Review

The Town is currently undertaking a revised Heritage Conservation District Plan and By-law. As part of the process, the Town approved the following Background Study – Towards a Revised Heritage Conservation District. The intent of the Background Study is to enable the inclusion of the Architectural Control Areas of the Town’s Municipal Planning Strategy and Land Use By-law as part of the Revised Heritage Conservation District Plan and By-law. The Background Study and other documents are available at the following links:

The Town’s Heritage Advisory Committee held two Public Participation Meetings on October 15, 2019 and October 21, 2019 to receive public comments on the proposed Heritage Conservation District (HCD) Plan and By-law. The draft HCD Plan and By-law is currently being reviewed in light of the comments received during the meetings, as well as comments received during Project Lunenburg. Project Lunenburg includes the development of a new Comprehensive Community Plan with outcomes of a revised Municipal Planning Strategy, Land Use By-law and Subdivision By-law. Upon completion of Project Lunenburg, the HCD Plan and By-law will be reviewed to ensure compatibility between the documents.

The draft copy of the proposed Heritage Conservation District Plan and By-law, and the PowerPoint presentation from the Public Participation Meetings are provided below. 

UNESCO Heritage

Lunenburg Heritage Interpretive Panels