Living with Wildlife - Bears

Wildlife can appear in different places at different times, and there have been sightings of bear cubs in the area around Lunenburg recently. According to NS Lands & Forestry, bear sightings have not increased this year but their locations can change from year to year. If bears have a source of food, especially now as they begin to bulk up for the winter, they will keep coming back. 

The biggest culprit to attracting bears is green bins. These should be kept in shady but open areas, well away from adjacent forest cover, with lids secured. Meat, fish, or bones/shells that are likely to develop a strong odour should be frozen and put in the green bin on the morning of pick-up. Yard compost piles should only contain plant matter. Barbecue grills should be kept clean and free of grease. Garbage cans should be metal with a secure lid and bags should be placed at the curb only on the morning of collection. 

Bears are large powerful animals that should be treated with caution and respect! Never approach a bear or offer it food. Please note that black bears are legally protected in Nova Scotia. 

For advice, please visit “How to Avoid Problems with Black Bears”:

For further information, contact the Department of Lands & Forestry’s Lunenburg District Office at 902-634-7555, after hours 1-800-565-2224, or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..