Lunenburg Chooses Partner for CCP Project

The Town of Lunenburg selected UPLAND Planning + Design Inc. as its consultant partner on the Comprehensive Community Plan (CCP) Project at the December 11th Council Meeting. 

“This Project will involve a forward thinking, proactive approach to creating a shared vision and setting the foundation for decisions that will shape our future,” said Dawn Sutherland, Lunenburg’s Manager of Planning and Development. “It will be based upon extensive community participation and will have long lasting benefits for decades to come.” 

Comprehensive Community Planning is a community-specific, inclusive and holistic process that covers all aspects of the community. A CCP will enable the Town to lay out its vision and goals for the long term and plan its future development – including land use, residential development, utilities, transportation, economic development, recreation and outdoor spaces, community facilities, the natural environment, arts and culture, heritage resources, beautification and streetscape. 

“The Town of Lunenburg has embarked on taking a look at its future and developing a far-reaching plan based on sound analysis, anticipated trends, a desire to strengthen its character, and with an ambition to develop a plan with the community, for the community,” said Steffen Käubler, Partner at UPLAND. “We are extremely excited to have been selected to guide the Town and its residents through this ambitious process. Our team members look forward to spending significant time in Lunenburg over the next two years and hosting numerous community conversations to ensure that the resulting CCP is built on the foundation of a shared community vision." 

UPLAND’s task is to work with the Town on the CCP as well as an updated Municipal Planning Strategy, Land Use By-law, and Subdivision By-law. The Project is expected to span 2019 – 2020, with the first phase of analysis work from now through to Spring 2019. 

The chair of the CCP Project Steering Committee, Councillor Matt Risser, said: “This is an exciting opportunity for the people of Lunenburg to shape the future of their community across many interconnected areas. I am optimistic that they will make the most of it by actively participating in the upcoming consultations." 

Mayor Rachel Bailey agrees. “I am excited to be starting the process of looking into the future with our citizens to determine together what our historic coastal community can be,” she said. “Lunenburg’s future is bright. Having everyone pulling in the same direction will be important in achieving the prosperity that is possible.” 

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