Lunenburg Fishermen’s Memorial Service

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The annual Lunenburg Fishermen’s Memorial Service was held on Sunday, September 10, 2017 on the waterfront in honour of the many men who have lost their lives while pursuing their livelihood in the fishery. 

The Bridgewater Fire Department Band provided the music assisted by the voices of a massed choir of various local churches. Mayor Bailey read the Roll of Honour which included the names of those fishermen lost in the years ending in seven (7) covering the last century.

Those present proceeded to a working fishing boat where wreaths were placed aboard to be taken out to sea. The ceremony continued as the wreath-bearing vessel steamed to open water where the clergy aboard performed a prayer of committal and the wreaths were deposited in memory of the lives lost.


The service is a deeply moving experience for many people. For those families who have lost a loved one at sea it is an emotional tribute to their memory.  For others it highlights the perils of a life at sea.  For everyone it is an opportunity to pay homage to those who lost their lives to the industry that secured Lunenburg’s future”.

A compass rose shaped granite memorial on Lunenburg’s waterfront bears the names of those Fishermen lost from the early 1900’s to the present day.   

There is also a Memorial Room at the Fisheries Museum of the Atlantic (2nd Floor) which is open so family members and visitors may see the mural painted by renowned artist Joseph Purcell and the names of the lost fishermen hand painted by Tela Purcell also an accomplished artist. 

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