Lunenburg Harbour Weekly Monitoring

*Please note we will be posting Mondays at noon each week for the rest of the testing period. Thank you for your patience!

Test date:  July 3, 2018 

Conditions:  The tide was low and rising (less water around effluent pipe for dilution), no rainfall for several days prior, a large yacht came into the Foundry dock over the weekend, boats coming and going from Fisherman’s Wharf. 

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Previous results are available here:

Coastal Action is monitoring fecal bacteria at three locations on the Lunenburg waterfront on a weekly basis from June to October. On July 3, the bacteria conditions at the Broad Street Boat Launch (>2500 cfu/100 mL) and the Zwicker Wharf (270 cfu/100 mL) exceeded Health Canada’s secondary contact guideline. This means that water contact through activities such as rowing, sailing, or fishing, poses a risk to human health due to the possible presence of pathogenic bacteria, viruses, or protozoans.  

The bacteria level at Fisherman’s Wharf on July 3 was >2500 cfu/100 mL. This sample site is not displayed on the graph as it is not a site for recreation and is not being compared to the secondary contact guideline for recreation.



Secondary Contact: Recreational activity in which only the limbs are regularly wetted and in which greater contact (including swallowing water) is unusual. Examples include rowing, sailing, canoe touring, or fishing.

Health Canada (2012).  Guidelines for Canadian Recreational Water Quality, Third Edition. Water, Air and Climate Change Bureau, Healthy Environments and Consumer Safety Branch, Health Canada, Ottawa, Ontario. (Catalogue No H129-15/2012E).