Lunenburg Town Council Meeting Digest - November 27, 2018


The Mayor offered condolences to Debbie Chapman, Finance Officer, on the passing of her husband Pat Chapman. The Town flag was flown at half-mast in his honour.  

Condolences were also offered to the family and community of the Yarmouth girl who was tragically killed last weekend during a Yarmouth event.  

Public Presentations

• The Mayor welcomed new Town employees: Heather McCallum, Assistant Municipal Clerk and Kelly Cunningham, now-permanent Recreation Director.

Unfinished Business

• Council approved the appointment of Jamie Green to the Audit Committee as a citizen member.

• The Mayor spoke to the recent NSFM resolution on “CAP” property assessment and its potential removal. Council agreed to invite PVSC to speak on the question.

• Council requested staff to report on whether Council honourarium changes to make the 2019 CRA income tax changes revenue neutral effective Jan-Mar 2019 can be made if feasible within the 2018-19 budget. Council asked staff to report on municipalities that have established citizen advisory groups to assess Council honourariums.

• The Planning & Development Manager commented that changes to the Municipality of the District of Lunenburg’s Municipal Planning Strategy and Land Use Bylaw are helpful to the Town, as they enhance building standards for projects that can be close to our boundaries.

• The Town Engineer noted that September wastewater treatment tests failed permit standards due to the harsh nature of influent during the hot, dry weather, but that October was much improved. The plant is on track to meet annual testing requirements.

New Business

• Council approved the Fisheries Museum of the Atlantic request to store the Bluenose II display trailer in a Town building over the winter. 

• The December 2018 meeting schedule was confirmed as:

Dec 11 – Council
Dec 12 – Recreation Committee
Dec 13 – Protective Services Committee
Dec 18 – Council in camera 

Holiday Events

Coming up this weekend:

• Lunenburg Christmas Craft Festival at the Community Centre, Curling Club, and Bluenose Academy. Sat Dec 1 from 10am-5pm and Sun Dec 2 from 10am-4pm.

• Yuletide reschedule: Lighting of the Vessels, Fireworks Display, and Food Vendors on the Waterfront. Sat Dec 1 from 6pm-9pm.

The full Minutes package is available on the Town website here: 

Thanks to all who came out!