Mayor's Update - April 9, 2020

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Hello Everyone: I’m Rachel Bailey, Mayor of the Town of Lunenburg.

We’ve all had a lot to deal with in the past few weeks. Our world and what we do in it has changed drastically in a short period of time.

It’s been challenging for all of us to adjust our behaviour and to adapt, but we have to keep working through it. We may not all be on the front lines but we are all soldiers in the fight against COVID-19.

We need to do the right thing and I know we all want to do the right thing. The challenge comes in knowing for sure and in every circumstance, what the right thing is. When possible and when in doubt I quote the, now famous, advice of our Premier, “Stay the Blazes Home”.    

But truly that is not always possible for everyone all the time. 

So, when you are outside your own home, keep the basic rules top of mind:

  • Maintain physical distancing of 6 feet or 2 meters; 
  • Don’t gather in a group of more than 5 people in one place; and
  • Wash your hands, wash them well and wash them often.

But, is it OK to go for a walk on the Trail or go to the grocery store more than once in a week? Should I be going for take-out from the local restaurant that’s still open? Should I wear a mask when I’m out?

To get answers to questions like these for yourselves:

  • Turn to accurate, reliable sources for the latest and best expert advice: visit for the latest information for our province. 
  • The Town website,, has added a COVID-19 page for the latest information on adjustments to Town services to protect both residents and our staff.
  • AND, always be considerate of other people and make sure whatever you’re doing is protective of their health and well-being as well as your own. 

We’re all learning as we go. Our first on-line Council Meeting will take place next week, on Tuesday, April 14th at 2:00 p.m. You’ll be able to join through Zoom or watch a live stream on YouTube. Links will be shared on our website and social media. Be patient with us as we move into this new way of working.

Easter is this weekend and is traditionally a time following solemn reflection, for rejuvenation, for hope and for new beginnings like Spring itself.  If we look, there are examples of human goodness and ingenuity shining through and serving as inspiration, all around us like:

  • On-line kitchen parties, where local talent is revealed and enjoyed; 
  • Well-planned and random acts of kindness, like noise-making to show appreciation for our health care providers and other essential workers; 
  • Innovative use of local technology and industrial equipment, like the 3d printer model of a human trachea made in the Lunenburg Library and personal protective equipment being built at ABCO.

Seeing the light at the end of the tunnel will be easier to spot with bright lights like these leading the way.

Stay safe, and enjoy the long weekend with your friends and family, even if it has to be at a little distance this year. Happy Easter.