Mi'kmaq Flag Raising 2019 - Photo Album

The Town of Lunenburg was honoured to be joined today by Mi'kmaq Elders Peggie Wentzell and Nancy Whynot, Melissa Labrador and her family, and Melissa's father Todd Labrador for the raising of the Mi'kmaq Grand Council Flag. This is a sign of respect for the original people of this area.


Mikmaq Flag Raising 2019

Mayor Bailey's remarks:

"It is an honour for me to be a part of a ceremony that pays tribute to the original people who first lived on and from this land, and that demonstrates respect for the rightful place of the Mi’kmaq in our shared history. October is Mi’kmaq History month and we are using this occasion to raise awareness of Mi’kmaw history and culture.

"It is also my honour to introduce two Mi’kmaw Elders who will lead the ceremony of the flag raising: Elder Peggy Wentzell and Elder Nancy Whynot, as well as Melissa Labrador and her father Todd Labrador. Melissa is a Mi’kmaq knowledge keeper with the Wildcat Reserve of Acadia First Nation who was instrumental in organizing the inaugural flag raising a year ago.

"It is a privilege for me to host this event. As the Mayor of the Town of Lunenburg and a direct descendant of the Foreign Protestants who were recruited strategically by the British to settle this area in service to the British Crown, I am familiar with the history of this place that is most frequently celebrated.

"Our UNESCO designation speaks to the preservation of the original town plan, and of the distinct architecture of the buildings crafted predominantly of wood and of course of our storied prowess in the fishing industry that was a previous claim to fame for this Town.

"There is a distinct lack of knowledge and appreciation of the people who were present in this part of the world before my descendants settled in this beautiful and bountiful place.

"There are some acknowledgements of the Mi’kmaw presence that I would like to point out:
-There are plaques along our front harbour trail that speak of the Mi’kmaw as well as the Acadians that preceded the British foreign Protestants in occupying this land.
-There is a also wonderful exhibit at our Fisheries Museum of the Atlantic, that pays tribute to “First Fishers”, the Mi’kmaw people who first fished the waters here. The Museum is very kindly opening its doors (free of charge) today to anyone and everyone who would like to go there to view this exhibit.

"We have a lot to learn and we must be active participants in our own education. By hosting this event today, it is the hope of our Town Council and the people of the Town of Lunenburg that we are helping to make progress in the journey to Truth and Reconciliation.

"The Flag of the Grand Council of the Mi’kmaq flies proudly in our community as a demonstration of respect for the Mi’kmaw people and culture."