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Mayor 2016

WELCOME! Whether you come to Lunenburg by land or by sea or via the internet, whether you visit for a day or stay for a lifetime, you will always find new things to see and do and new people to meet from all over the world. This website is aptly named "explorelunenburg" because there is an amazing amount to explore in this small port town on Nova Scotia’s scenic South Shore.

Pretty as it is, seeing Lunenburg online will not be enough. Lunenburg must be experienced to be fully appreciated. We welcome visitors year after year and many just decide to stay.

I invite you to explore our vibrant working waterfront – the home port of the fishing schooner, Bluenose II, which is one of Canada’s greatest icons, and of the sail training barque, Picton Castle, one of Lunenburg’s ambassadors to the world. See a dory being built or learn how to build your own. Learn about the history of the fishery and see the fishing boats still active today. Wander through "Old Town" to enjoy the extraordinarily well preserved heritage buildings, from the magnificent Lunenburg Academy and grand churches, to beautifully restored homes with our distinct architectural feature – the Lunenburg "bump". Walking the grid patterned streets stamped defiantly into the uphill grade from the harbour you will come to appreciate how Lunenburg earned our treasured designation as a UNESCO World Heritage site.

Lunenburg has a strong and diversified business base with some major world class companies as well as specialized businesses, traditional trades and an important hospitality and tourism sector. We are a small but dynamic centre for the arts and culture. Festivals such as the Lunenburg Folk Harbour Festival, emphasize our strong musical traditions and we are blessed with a generous offering of musical performances year-round. Lunenburg is also home to an active community of artists and galleries, and dining at one or more of our critically acclaimed restaurants is a must.

Packed into only 4 square kilometres is also a full complement of sports and recreation facilities. We have a beautiful golf course, a tennis club, soccer & baseball fields, curling club and arena, bowling alley, community centre/ gymnasium, skate park and public pool. We have a new and fully equipped school, the Bluenose Academy, plus a public library and the best daycare centre around.

I invite all residents – full time or seasonal, lifetime or short term – to discover more about our town government – on this website. You can see documents and information about services, council meetings, bylaws, town committees and so on. I also invite you to read our strategic plan, called Proud Past, Promising Future. It is a work in process and I invite your comments, input, ideas and suggestions. Together, we will work towards the promising future of Lunenburg, my home town – and, I hope, yours! 

Yours very truly,
Rachel Bailey

Please feel free to contact me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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