Fall Leaf Collection Program

The Town of Lunenburg is pleased to offer the following leaf collection opportunities to assist residents with their Fall leaf clean-up:

  • Leaves can be placed in your compost cart or clear bags for pick-up on scheduled “green week” collection days.
  • An additional curbside leaf collection is scheduled for Friday, November 17. Leaves must be placed in your compost cart or clear bags.
  • The Town of Lunenburg Public Works Department will also do a single pass leaf collection on each street starting in “New Town” (west of ESSO) from Monday, November 20 to Friday, December 1 and in “Old Town” (east of ESSO) from Monday, December 4 to Friday, December 15.  Please ensure your leaves are placed near the edge of the street prior to the dates noted above. There will only be one collection pass per street.

Please remember not to rake leaves into gutters, ditches or the street to prevent storm drains from clogging and slippery road conditions.

Please contact the Public Works Department at 902-634-8992 if you require any additional information.

Yuletide in Lunenburg 2017


November 24-26, 2017
Activities kicking off the holiday season in Lunenburg are being gathered under one new name this year: the German heritage (and ocean) inspired “YULETIDE”.
The Lunenburg Board of Trade has been hard at work with the Town, the Fisheries Museum of the Atlantic, and local businesses and charities to coordinate Lunenburg’s joyful upcoming weekend.
Some activities have been going on for years, said the LBOT’s marketing director, Kathleen Quinlan. “But we forget that there’s lots of people who don’t know about them and would love to come! It’s about having a great community event.” The LBOT’s innovative “Show Me” map will have it all:

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Lunenburg Town Council Digest November 14, 2017

Public Presentations

  • The Lunenburg Board of Trade requested an extension to their Campground lease for a period of 10 years rather than a yearly renewal. They outlined their business case on the importance of the campground to the sustainability of the LBOT, and reviewed planned site upgrades if the lease is granted. Council discussed the request, and tabled it for the Council’s Strategic Planning workshops next week, as part of a land use discussion.
  • Trot in Time Buggy Rides: Basil Oickle presented issues arising from his horse parking spots on Bluenose Drive. They are requesting a fifth parking spot and that an additional 10’ in front of the horse parking be available to them for a fee. Council asked staff to provide background for consideration at a future Council meeting.
  • Elijah Ernst is purchasing Trot in Time, and requested a guaranteed number of Hack & Trolley licenses. Council asked staff to also review the Hack & Trolley Bylaw and report back on any considerations.
  • NSCAD: The newest Residency Program participants – Helah Cooper, Merle Harley, and Gillian Maradyn-Jowsey – were welcomed to the community by Town Council. The Residents invited members of the public to visit their studio at the old Fire Hall, Duke Street.

REMINDER: Lunenburg, Bridgewater, Mahone Bay, Chester and Municipality of the District of Lunenburg Councils are conducting joint “Talk to Council” public events for Municipal Awareness Week. Please meet your Councillors at these sessions:

a) Thursday, November 23, 8:30 a.m. - 11:30 a.m. at the Lunenburg Farmer’s Market in the Community Centre
b) Friday, November 24, 5:30 p.m. - 8:30 p.m. at the Lunenburg County Lifestyle Centre (LCLC) in Bridgewater

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Wastewater Treatment and Harbour Water Quality Initiatives Public Information Session

Thank you to everyone who attended the 'Wastewater Treatment and Harbour Water Quality Initiatives' Public Information Session. It was encouraging to see so many engaged citizens come out! Thank you to the subject experts from the Bluenose Coastal Action Foundation, Town of Lunenburg Public Works, Nova Scotia Environment, and CBCL Engineering; to Town Council and Staff for organizing the session; and finally to the Lunenburg & District Fire Department for hosting the meeting at the Fire Hall.

Copies of presentations and handouts are available at this link: 

If anyone did not get a question answered either through the stations or the open floor, and did not leave a question in the box, please feel free to email or message any time.

We look forward to a further session in the future. Thank you.

Letter to the Editor

Clarifying information about Lunenburg’s Harbour and wastewater treatment improvements 

Lunenburg’s Town Council and staff acknowledge and welcome the interest expressed recently in Lunenburg Harbour and the Town’s wastewater treatment.   In response to community concerns, we would like to provide an update on our ongoing efforts to improve the waste water treatment process and harbour health.  

We are hosting a public information session on Thursday, November 9, 7:00 p.m. at the Lunenburg and District Fire Hall, 25 Medway Street to discuss wastewater treatment and Lunenburg Harbour water quality initiatives.  We welcome anyone interested to participate and learn more from Town Engineering staff, Biofilter design Engineer, Bluenose Coastal Action Foundation, Nova Scotia Environment and others. 

Like so many of our residents and visitors, we are proud of our World Heritage UNESCO designation and want to do everything we can to foster this pride.  This includes ensuring our community has access to modern, reliable wastewater services.  Ongoing investments in our wastewater treatment system have been made since the construction of the Town’s wastewater treatment plant in 2003 with the assistance of our Federal and Provincial funding partners.  A joint investment of $3.5 M this year has allowed us to separate and replace more storm and sanitary sewer mains in three major streets to reduce combined sewer overflows during rainfalls and lessen treatment plant volumes. The work is near completion and we are grateful to everyone who has patiently lived, worked and travelled around construction detours in recent months.   

An additional $1.1 M in Federal, Provincial and Municipal Infrastructure funding was announced this fall to construct a wastewater treatment plant odour control system “Biofilter” for completion in 2018.  We are thankful for the support of our Federal and Provincial partners to accomplish these projects.   We know this has been an issue of community concern and we are pleased to now have the means to address it. 

We want to assure the public that the Town’s wastewater treatment plant consistently meets Federal and Provincial treatment test standards as verified by independent and accredited labs. The plant operates within its design capacity, and upgrades in recent years include a treated sludge dewatering system and air handling improvements to enhance air quality and achieve energy savings.  The Town also issued a request for proposals this fall for a wastewater treatment plant system assessment to ensure ongoing operational efficiency. 

In 2016 the Lunenburg Town Council initiated voluntary testing of Harbour water for enterococci (a marine present bacteria). This valuable program expanded this past summer to five weekly Harbour test sites.  Accredited lab results were shared with the public on the Town’s website and social media sites.  While many of the enterococci test results met Health Canada recreational use levels, we recognize that periodic results from the Inshore Fishermen’s Wharf and construction site of a future boat launch, are cause for concern. Test results can vary due to natural causes such as storm water run-off, warm temperatures, ocean currents and tides that disturb Harbour bottom sediment, port activity including boating, other sources of direct discharge including fertilizer run-off, animal and marine life, etc.  

Expanding on our efforts to date, at last week’s Town Council meeting, we engaged the Bluenose Coastal Action Foundation, a Lunenburg based environmental organization with a specialization in water quality monitoring.  They will facilitate broader stakeholder discussions and seek input about means of further improving the health of our Harbour.  In addition, we have committed to having the Foundation lead an expanded Harbour water monitoring program and enhanced public education program. 

The Town takes its environmental stewardship role seriously regarding wastewater treatment and Harbour conditions.  We are committed to ensuring ongoing accountability to the public we serve.  We welcome feedback from the community and encourage everyone to contribute to the process so we can find the right solutions, ones that everyone expects and deserves for the long term.  

Respectfully submitted, 


The Town Council of Lunenburg         

Lunenburg County Sport Heritage Wall of Fame

Sport wall of fame

The inaugural installation of inductees into the Lunenburg County Sport Heritage Wall of Fame was held November 5th, 2017 at the Lunenburg County Lifestyle Centre.  All of this first group of inductees have previously been inducted into the Nova Scotia Sport Hall of Fame.  Pictured are the inductees or their representatives.  They include:Captain Angus Walters (represented by Bluenose II Manager Alan Creaser), Terry Baker, Richard Munro, Sue Smith, Jerome Bruhm, Fred Fox, Ralph Simmons; Mellish Lane, Kathy Powers, Rita Lohnes, Lloyd Heisler & Russell Langille, Miriam Penney, Glen Murray and Bob Sayer.  This impressive group represent an inspiring list of athletic achievements and advancement of sport in our community.

Town of Lunenburg Notice to Residents and Businesses

Lincoln Street and Pelham Street

Sewer and Water Upgrades November 3, 2017 Update


Thank you for your understanding as the important work of replacing aging infrastructure on Lincoln and Pelham Streets continues.

This will be the last progress report on construction activity because the project will be finished within the next two weeks.The contractor, J.R. Eisener Contracting Limited, has been working on Pelham Street grading and placing gravel for curb, sidewalk and asphalt work.

• The concrete sub-contractor has been working on curb and side walk construction and will be complete early next week.

• The asphalt crew will arrive on Monday to fine grade the gravel surfaces and paving should start on Tuesday and be finished by the end of Wednesday weather permitting.


Put garbage out at the curb as usual and Eiseners Contracting will move it to an area where it can be collected.

Traffic has been detoured around the worksite and access to properties will be restricted or limited until construction is complete.

For additional information about this project - please contact Marc Belliveau, Town Engineer at 902-634-8992 (ext. 2), or Jamie Burgess Assistant Town Engineer at 902-634-8992 (ext.3).

Questions regarding access to your property, temporary water or any other construction related issues – please contact Jack Eisener (902) 476-7770 or Trevor MacDonald (902) 497-3101, J.R. Eisener Contracting Limited.

World-renowned glass artist opens Lunenburg-based studio

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Shared Services Media Release


DATE: OCTOBER 27, 2017



LUNENBURG COUNTY – Councils and CAOs for the five municipal units that make up Lunenburg County are exploring ways to meet the challenges and opportunities facing their building and fire inspection services. 

Delivery of these services is currently functioning well in all municipalities. However, there are several issues, including future  recruitment and retention of building inspectors and the cost to smaller units to provide mandatory inspection services, that may present challenges in the coming years. 

One opportunity to navigate such challenges discussed by the Councils and CAOs is the concept of an intermunicipal shared services agreement among all five units (the Municipalities of Chester and Lunenburg, and the Towns of Bridgewater, Mahone Bay, and Lunenburg). 

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