FREE Home Water Management Assessment Program

Are you interested in stormwater management on your property and water conservation in your home?

Coastal Action has a program to conduct assessments and provide you with a property-specific report, outlining recommendations and an action plan. Along with this report, the assessment includes a high-efficiency shower head, a resource kit, and a chance to win a FREE rainbarrel!

See pdf here (4.50 MB) for more information on the program.

A Visitor from Luneburg, Germany

Deputy Mayor McGee welcomed Ulrich Gerndt from Germany who presented the Town with Luneburg, Germany commemorative heritage illustrations, plaque and coin. Please visit the Town Hall at 119 Cumberland Street to view these items on display.

Ulrich Gerndt Visit Website

NSCAD Studios Lunenburg Year End Exhibition

Collect NSCAD

Public Works Notice - August 6, 2019

Due to the continuing hot, dry weather, Public Works staff will be flushing out wastewater catch basins around the Town this afternoon and starting at 6:00 a.m. over the next few days. This reduces any unpleasant odours coming from the drains during the summer.  

Catch basin locations include: Bluenose Drive at Linden Avenue, Rum Row at Montague Street, Creighton Street at Prince Street, Cumberland Street at Hopson Street, Rous Brook, and Tannery Road at Green Street.  

If you notice other locations or have questions, please contact the Town’s Public Works Department at 902-634-8992. 

Please note that the new Biofilter odour control system at the Wastewater Treatment Plant on Starr Street is working well to eliminate odour from Plant operations, and is not related to the catch basins. Thank you.

Town Council Meeting Digest - July 23, 2019

Public Presentations

• The Campaign to Protect Offshore Nova Scotia presented a request to adopt a resolution calling for a public inquiry and moratorium on oil and gas exploration, which was approved by Council. See pdf here (2.34 MB)

Correspondence & Committees

• Recreation: The Municipality of the District of Lunenburg provided a $40,000 equitable funding grant for Recreation operations and Community Centre roof repairs. Thank you!

• Project Lunenburg: Over the summer the project team will be conducting pop-ups and on-the-street interviews with residents and visitors, including from a new temporary parklet at the corner of Lincoln and Main Streets. 

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Offshore Exploration Resolution - July 23, 2019

At the request of the Campaign to Protect Offshore Nova Scotia, Lunenburg Town Council unanimously passed the following resolution at their Council Meeting of July 23, 2019:

WHEREAS a healthy marine environment is critical to industries like fishing and tourism that are the primary lifeblood of Nova Scotia coastal communities. 

AND WHEREAS it is the Town of Lunenburg’s responsibility to protect and nurture our local economies. It is also our right, and the right of our citizens, to be consulted on all major developments that might impact those economies. 

AND WHEREAS the catastrophic effect of a major oil spill at an offshore drill site is unthinkable, yet public knowledge of the risk and potential consequences of such a spill remains inadequate. 

BE IT THEREFORE RESOLVED that the Town of Lunenburg hereby calls for a full and independent public inquiry into the pros and cons of oil industry exploration in offshore Nova Scotia to provide our communities, who bear the lion’s share of the risk of a disaster in the offshore, a full appreciation of the extent of that risk and of the steps we can take to minimize it. We also call for a moratorium on all further oil and gas exploration in offshore Nova Scotia pending the completion of that inquiry.

NOT Wanted in our Wastewater System

Toilet sink storm drain header

What you flush, pour down the sink/drain, or dump into a storm sewer doesn’t just disappear. It goes into our wastewater system and into the ocean. 

A wastewater system is designed to treat human waste and grey water only. Problem material in the wastewater system can cause “fatbergs” and clogs, damage household pipes, damage public sewer pipes and equipment, harm marine life and even public health.

The wastewater system is owned by the residents of Lunenburg. The cost to repair damage from inappropriate material comes back to you, the taxpayer.

You can help!

For businesses: See the Town of Lunenburg’s pdf Bylaw #34 Sewer Discharge (160 KB) for what businesses operating in the Town can and can’t dispose of in the wastewater system.

For residents and visitors: For what NOT to flush, pour down your sink, or dump in a storm drain - and how to better dispose of this material - visit our Wastewater Treatment page at:

REWARDS: Fewer repairs = Cost savings; Cleaner wastewater = Cleaner ocean

Single-Use Plastic Update

At last night’s General Government Committee meeting, the Committee agreed to keep moving forward on the single-use plastic issue by passing the following motion: 

Motion: moved and seconded that a staff report be prepared advising what form of public consultation should take place with various stakeholders including Plastic Free Lunenburg, Region 6 Waste Management, Divert Nova Scotia and Lunenburg Board of Trade to develop a waste reduction and plastic reduction strategy for the Town. Motion carried.  

We’d like to thank Plastic Free Lunenburg for a wonderful job of community consultation to date. Their findings are a valuable part of future consultation the Town undertakes to build on. However, we must be clear that the Town is legally responsible to do its due diligence by conducting community consultation as a municipal government. 

By following our legal advice, we can build a solid, responsible foundation for any potential bylaw that can withstand challenge. 

The Town enthusiastically welcomes Coastal Action’s Ocean Friendly Nova Scotia program and encourages ongoing voluntary measures from our business, residents and visitors to reduce the consumption of single-use plastic in our community.  

The Committee agenda package, including the legal opinion received, is available here:


4th Annual Pride Flag Raising - July 19, 2019

Pride cake cutting

It was a gorgeous day for the 4th Annual Pride Flag Raising ceremony today in the Town of Lunenburg.

Speakers included Mayor Rachel Bailey; MP Bernadette Jordan, Minister of Rural Economic Development; Pastor Rick Pryce, Zion Evangelical Lutheran Church, and Rev. Laura Marie Piotrowicz, St. John's Anglican Church; and Shelley Rafuse, Lunenburg PRIDE.

A variety of community partners were also in attendance today, such as the Lunenburg Board of Trade, TD Bank, Second Story Women’s Centre, Lunenburg PRIDE, the RCMP, and the Lunenburg & District Fire Department.

The flag was raised - group effort! - followed by a BBQ and rainbow cake. Thanks to all who came out!

Read more for the inspiring remarks from the Town Crier (a.k.a. Deputy Mayor John McGee) and Mayor Bailey, as well as a photo album of the event.

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Project Lunenburg - Summer Engagement Update

PL Summer Update header

How to stay involved in Project Lunenburg this summer. 

Happy July! We are 5 months into Project Lunenburg, and have been hearing so many great ideas and aspirations for the future. Here are a few ways you can keep participating over the next couple months. 

What We Heard Reports

Three reports are now available on the Project Lunenburg website, covering the Individual Survey, Housing, and Transportation. Take a look to learn about the big themes and ideas that are emerging.  

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