Lunenburg Art Gallery Society

Members of the Lunenburg Art Gallery Society visited the December 10th Council Meeting to showcase some of their activities - and their artworks! Thanks to Jan Hull (President of the Society), Gary Selig, Wendy Muise, Wesley Lowe, and Rudy Kehkla for sharing your lovely pieces.

Lunenburg Art Gallery Society

Winter Parking Advisory

Please help us keep Town streets free of ice and snow by ensuring your vehicle is parked off-street during winter storm and snow removal operations. The Public Works Department can do the job more efficiently if your vehicles are not left on the street during this time.  Please arrange off-street parking locations during snow clearing and salting operations. The Town of Lunenburg operates several parking lots where overnight (5:00 p.m. – 8:00 a.m.) parking is permitted for a fee ($35.65 /month HST included).  Parking passes may be purchased at the Lunenburg Town Hall, 119 Cumberland Street (902-634-4410). 

In the Town of Lunenburg the RCMP enforce the Nova Scotia Motor Vehicle Act winter parking ban which:

  1. Prohibits parking or leaving a motor vehicle, whether attended or unattended, on any street that might interfere with or obstruct snow removal, or winter maintenance;
  2. Authorizes a Police Officer to have a motor vehicle moved or towed to some other place if it interferes with or obstructing snow removal or winter maintenance; and
  3. Provides that the cost of moving or towing motor vehicle can be recovered from the owner.   

The cooperation of all drivers is greatly appreciated. For more information, please contact the Public Works Department at 902-634-8992, or on our website here.

Town Council Meeting Agenda - December 10, 2019

Council Dec 10 2019

The last Council Meeting of 2019 is being held on Tuesday, December 10th at 5:15 p.m. The public is welcome!   

Highlights of the Agenda  

Public Presentations
  • Lunenburg Art Gallery overview.
  • Bicycle Nova Scotia on Phase 3 of the Blue Route Hubs Bikeway Project in the Town of Lunenburg.
  • Cermaq Canada Ltd. information presentation on proposed Provincial option to lease Pollock Point to New Harbour Point for aquaculture.

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Welcome to Lunenburg

Newcomers 1

There was a wonderful turnout at last night’s Newcomers Welcome Reception at Town Hall.

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Announcement from Mayor's Office

Friday, November 1, 2019 – As we pass the one-year marker that sees municipal leaders across the province thinking ahead to next October’s election, I have taken time to reflect on my own priorities and aspirations and I have decided not to reoffer as Mayor of the Town of Lunenburg. While coming to this decision is difficult, I make it feeling good in the knowledge that I have contributed positively to my beloved hometown and with the confidence that Lunenburg’s future is bright. 

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Enviro-Depots for Household Waste Disposal

BEFORE dropping off household hazardous waste, please CHECK what materials a depot can take.

Kaizer Meadow

The Town of Lunenburg disposes residential curbside waste at Kaizer Meadow Environmental Management Centre, 450 Kaizer Meadow Road along Highway 14 in Lunenburg County.

For household hazardous waste, check here to see if Kaizer Meadow can take what you want to dispose of. If unsure, please call first at 902-275-2330.

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