Orange Shirt Day

OrangeShirt Day

September 30th is Orange Shirt Day, the day in which we recognize the damage done by removing indigenous children from their homes and sending them to residential schools. Above, Mayor Rachel Bailey recognizes Orange Shirt Day at a September 30th press conference. "Every Child Matters."

Her remarks were as follows:

"This day is set aside to raise awareness and to help educate people about the devastating impact of the Indian Residential School system on our indigenous people. It is NOT cause for celebration but an occasion to reflect and to commemorate the thousands of children who were removed from their homes and familiar communities and forced to attend residential schools, far from the people they knew and loved and who knew and loved them. We are asked today to acknowledge that every child matters.

"Please take some time as you go about the affairs of your day to think about why this orange shirt day is important and to reaffirm that every child, every child matters in our communities, in our Province and in this great country of ours."

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