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The pdf Annual Work Plan 2021/22 (3.49 MB) is a roadmap of the municipality's priorities for the 2021/22 fiscal year (April 1, 2021 to March 21, 2022). This roadmap is determined by the Project Lunenburg Comprehensive Community Plan (CCP) as well as by the essential core services we provide to our residents, businesses and visitors. The Plan was passed June 8, 2021, following the passage of the Town Budget on May 25, 2021 (for more on the budget, visit our Finances and Tax Rates page).

Quarterly Status Reports


The Project Lunenburg pdf Comprehensive Community Plan (CCP) (34.53 MB) was approved by Town Council on November 17, 2020, and established as the current Strategic Plan of the Town of Lunenburg and for the next 40 years.

Further, the 35 action items identified in the CCP,   pdf Section 12.11 "Implementation and Monitoring" (125 KB) are the actions to be implemented for the first five years.

Guiding Principles

Developed by the community, the guiding principals provide the overarching direction for the Comprehensive Community Plan. See the graphic below.

CCP Poster sm

Strategic Directions and Goals

Community Structure A town that accommodates growth and change in a well-planned way that is respectful of its layered past and creates opportunities for its long-term furture.
Housing A town that offers a wide range of high quality and affordable housing options.
Servicing and Facilities A town where the long-term infrastructure needs of the community are met through strategic management and incremental, well-phased upgrades that are financially sustainable.
Mobility A town with an integrated transportation system for all modes that can support the needs of residents and visitors without creating undue burden on the town.

Economic    Development

A town where year-round, well-paying employment is available to all residents.
Heritage A town that continues to evolve as a living heritage site and recognizes a holistic view of its diverse history.
Urban Design A town that is shaped by cohesive design and supported by amenities that create an attractive, enjoyable, and sustainable urban environment for residents and visitors.
Environment and Sustainability A town that is ecologically diverse and climate resilient that has adapted to a changing climate while also reducing its overall footprint on the natural environment
Culture and Recreation A town where all community members have access to cultural and recreation experiences.
Governance A town where positive relationships, communication, continual engagement, and shared vision are the foundation of municipal decision-making.

For more on Project Lunenburg, visit here.