Welcome to Lunenburg 2018

Last night’s Newcomers Reception welcomed over 30 new neighbours from across Nova Scotia, Canada, and the world! We’re delighted that people from all over can find their homes in our beautiful town. 

Mayor Rachel Bailey, MP Bernadette Jordan, and MODL Deputy Mayor Cathy Moore addressed our new residents; Cheryl Lamerson of the Welcome Committee gave a short history talk; and Councillors Croft, Buchanan, and Risser helped “initiate” guests into local food culture with a tasting of Lunenburg pudding, sauerkraut and Solomon Gundy. 

Thanks to all those who came out!

Biofilter Update 8

The Lunenburg Waste Water Treatment Plant's odour reduction "Biofilter" system is now operational and working well.

Lunenburg Town Council Meeting Digest - November 13, 2018


The Mayor noted that Lunenburg won the readers’ choice Best Staycation Spot in The Coast’s annual Best of Halifax. As well, the Town was featured on the cover of a CMHC national publication for a recent housing conference. 

Mayor Bailey and Councillor McGee both received a 10 Year Service Award at the recent Nova Scotia Federation of Municipalities (NSFM) conference. 

Public Presentations

• Plastic Free Lunenburg (PFL) presented on their activities toward the following goal: “To support waste reduction in Lunenburg and area, with a focus on re-thinking use of single-use plastics.” Council will be invited to attend a future PFL community engagement session with other stakeholders. 

The Mayor thanked the group for their community leadership, and added that the NS Federation of Municipalities adopted a goal of creating an extended producer responsibility program at their Fall Conference last week.

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Progress Update for Electricity Customers – November 7, 2018

In recent weeks, Nova Scotia Power representatives have presented at Town Council and, together with Town officials, have met with a number of customers to provide an update on actions that have been taken to improve electricity service reliability.  

The Nova Scotia Utility and Review Board (UARB) has reviewed recent outages that affected the Town and determined that Nova Scotia Power’s response to the outages was timely and adequate, and reasonable steps are being taken to reduce the risk of future outages. The UARB Decision Letter on this matter can be viewed in full at (Search M08887, then select Other Documents).  

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Lunenburg Waterfront Opportunity

Have a business idea for the historic Zwicker & Co. building on Lunenburg’s working waterfront?

Waterfront Development is seeking interest from operators interested in occupying space at the Zwicker building as a tenant of part or all of the Zwicker building. 

For more information, see the following link:


Save the Date - November 28, 2018


A Public Information Session on Lunenburg Wastewater Treatment and Harbour Water Quality Initiatives, a follow-up from last November’s session, will take place on November 28th. Please join us for guest speakers and an open-forum Q&A session, with an opportunity to ask or submit questions. 

The Town of Lunenburg will be providing updates on:

• Lunenburg Harbour summer water quality study

• Biofilter odour control 

• Wastewater treatment system engineering study

• Harbour Health Advisory Group 

More info to come.

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Get to Know… PRO Kids and Darwin Event Group


Darwin Event Group presented a cheque for $2,726 to Town Council on October 23, 2018 to help initiate the upcoming PRO Kids program in the Town of Lunenburg. How did this happen? 

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Town of Lunenburg Audit Committee  – Request for Citizen Applications

The Town of Lunenburg Council requests applications from interested citizens to serve on the Town’s 2018/19 Audit Committee. Applicants should have a background in finance, accounting or related subject matters.  The Audit Committee oversees the Town’s annual audit process.  The Committee will meet at least twice per year.

Applications forms are available by contacting the Lunenburg Town Office, 119 Cumberland Street, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 902-634-4410, ext. 226 and  Please return completed application forms by November 20, 2018.   

Public Works - Biofilter Progress Update #7

Compostable Material Use & Waste Reduction Initiatives


Town of Lunenburg Procedural Policy on Compostable Material Use and Waste Reduction Initiatives was passed by Lunenburg Town Council on Tuesday, October 9, 2018:



1. The Town of Lunenburg (“Town”) is committed to reducing the use of non-recyclable containers and other materials for meetings, special events and other municipal activities.  This Policy establishes the process by which this will be achieved. 


2. It shall be the Town’s practice whenever possible to avoid the use of non-recyclable, non-compostable containers and related items, e.g., styrofoam cups, plastic cutlery and plates, etc. at Town meetings, special events and other activities when food and/or beverages are served. 

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