The Koch-Solomon House

69 Townsend Street

The Koch-Solomon HouseThe Koch-Solomon house is one of the most important and magnificent eighteenth century residences in the Town of Lunenburg. It was built for the merchant, sawmiller, and gentleman Henry Koch, who sold the house in 1797 to John Rudolf for 225 pounds. It remained in the Rudolf family until 1849 when it was sold to Judge George T. Solomon for 312 pounds.

Built on a massive stone foundation, the post and beam plank wall structure is designed in a style that suggests a transition from late colonial to Georgian. With a medium pitched gable roof and two massive chimneys, the exterior boasts a five bay facade with small six over six windows balanced around a wonderful front entrance with finely ornamented and moulded sidelights and overlight. The interior is not based on a central hall Georgian plan as one might expect, but has a definite late colonial style with beaded exposed corner posts, freestanding staircase and massive hearthroom on the ground floor. The Koch-Solomon house ranks as one of the Town's finer eighteenth century municipal heritage properties.

The present kitchen, originally the dining room, has one window larger than the rest called a "coffin window". Since it was considered bad luck to take a coffin through the front door, one window was made larger to accommodate this belief.