Town Council Digest - November 26, 2019

Unfinished Business
  • Council passed an amendment to Policy #79 Sponsorship that bans alcohol and other regulated substances from sponsoring Town events and facilities that are targeted to youth and families.
  • Municipal Election 2020: Town Solicitor Patrick Burke, Q.C., was appointed as the Returning Officer.
  • Public Works: Council approved a Watershed Protection annual plan review.
  • Public Works: A Municipality of the District of Lunenburg request to supply Town water to a resident of Garden Lots was denied at this time based on current infrastructure. Town and County officials will continue to work together on a solution. 
New Business
  • Budget 2020/21: Council approved a schedule of budget review meetings.
  • An information presentation has been scheduled for the December 10th Council meeting from Cermaq Canada Ltd. regarding their Provincial “Option to Lease” for Lunenburg Bay and west.
  • Public Works: Captain Moreland’s proposed Bluenose Drive green space will be referred to Project Lunenburg, while Public Works will do a clean-up and parking restriction in the area.
  • Council approved a new license agreement for 2020-22 with the Lunenburg Community Network for the community garden. 

The full Minutes package is available on the Town website here.

Thanks to those who came out!