Town Council Meeting Digest - January 8, 2019

Public Presentations

• South Shore Public Libraries Board: The move of the Lunenburg Library to Lunenburg Academy has changed library service in the Town. Library circulation, visits, programs and attendance have all gone up significantly since the move – and new memberships are up 205.6%!

• Splash Pad Proposal: A large group attended to support the Lunenburg Community Development Group’s detailed proposal to convert the 250th Anniversary Park to a water park. Council was positive about the proposal and asked Town staff to provide a feasibility study.

• NSCAD 2018/19 residency students – Gillian Maradyn-Jowsey, Ursula Handleigh, and Jayme Spinks showcased their artwork.

• Mayor Bailey’s 2018 Town Council year-in-review – watch for this to be shared separately, or see the full Minutes package. 

Committee Recommendations 

• Protective Services: Council agreed to proceed with hiring of a full-time Fire Hall Superintendent, pending funding agreement from Fire Districts 1&2.  

Unfinished Business

• Council asked staff for a report on striking a citizen committee to do an arms-length review of Council remuneration, including a draft terms of reference.

• CBCL Engineering provided a memorandum with preliminary costing for a possible wastewater treatment upgrades application to the Investing in Canada Infrastructure Program. CBCL’s full report is still pending; Council asked to meet with them next week.  

New Business

• Council will proceed with a bylaw and policy update review via the General Government Committee on a quarterly basis.

• Council approved the Region 6 Solid Waste Management 2019/20 budget, for ongoing waste reduction and other initiatives.

The full Minutes package is available on the Town website here.

Thanks to all who came out!