Wastewater Treatment Plant damaged by Hurricane Dorian

The Town of Lunenburg’s Wastewater Treatment Plant was flooded by seawater during Hurricane Dorian late Saturday afternoon. A unique combination of strong winds, heavy rainfall, and a storm surge caused the breach, necessitating a shutdown of the plant to ensure the safety of Town employees and to prevent further damage to key electrical equipment.  

As an important first step, the Town of Lunenburg has engaged external experts to work with our employees to assess environmental impacts and damage to plant equipment. Those assessments are ongoing. The Town has also reached out to provincial and federal agencies to make them aware of the issue. While power has been restored to the plant as of today, it is not yet safe to resume operations.  

The necessary shutdown of the Wastewater Treatment Plant means that sewage is routed away from the plant and directed into the harbours. Given the risk to employee and public safety and further risk to Town infrastructure of having a highly electrified facility full of water, the Town had no choice but to take this step.   

The Town is committed to resuming operations at the plant as soon as possible. Dorian hit our community particularly hard, so we thank the public for their patience and understanding. We will provide more information as soon as we have it.