Wastewater Treatment Update

The Town of Lunenburg’s Public Works Department is committed to effectively treating storm and sanitary wastewater. During the warm, dry summer period this can present operating challenges which we are addressing through the following measures.


• The sludge holding tank in the aeration building was completely cleaned out in June and was cleaned out again on August 10, 2017. This will promote aeration and keep odours to a minimum.

• Sludge levels in the sludge holding tank are kept as low as possible; this too will improve aeration of the sludge in this tank.

• Extra water is being mixed with the sludge stored in the sludge holding tank in the aeration building during the drier weather. This dilutes the sludge so that more air can be dissolved in the sludge keeping odours to a minimum.

• The interior of the aeration building was pressure washed to ensure that any sludge near the waterline of the tanks would not be a source of odour.

• The Process Room floor is pressure washed regularly to ensure it is not a source of odours.

• We continue to regularly empty the treated, pressed sludge bin and all screened materials. This prevents the materials from degrading and causing odours.

• Pumping station wet wells are cleaned out semi-annually to ensure solids which settle in the bottom of the wet wells do not go septic and cause odour issues.

• A check valve will be installed in a storm water outfall on Bluenose Drive in an effort to reduce odours from venting out of catch basins in the vicinity which typically occurs in warm, dry periods.

For more information or any questions about Lunenburg’s waste water treatment plant please contact Marc Belliveau, Town Engineer (902 634 8992, ext. 2), or Jamie Burgess, Assistant Town Engineer (902 634 8992, ext. 3).